The story of Sabah Chilli Pan Mee began over 3 years ago, with the founder’s dream and vision of creating a line of delicious and tasty pan mee which would captivate the majority locals. Starting from a humble beginning, Sunny and wife, Samantha would take time out their busy schedule over the week, just being at home discovering and creating the perfect bowl of chilli pan mee.

Fast forward to the year of 2017, Sunny and Samantha managed to successfully discover a few recipes of pan mee which really impressed many friends and family especially the signature Chilli Pan Mee.

Getting satisfying feedback and the support of their friends and family, the couple was determined to start their first pan mee restaurant in Sabah.

Being it a homegrown recipe and well-acceptable by the locals, eventually inspired the name of their restaurant ‘Sabah Chilli Pan Mee’ and the rest was history.

As a means of bringing authentic and high-quality pan mee to the masses. The couple maintain their belief in consistently and making each bowl of pan mee sincerely from the heart, this philosophy became the backbone of their business. Each recipe and creation is then complemented by different types of homemade sauces, chili and sambal, developing it into a perfect fit for each particular broth or cooking style.

Consistency: Always using fresh ingredient for each bowl of pan mee